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The above compound rhythm is normally written  in the following manner in a jazz chart, they are played in a similar way.

The art of swing

Partly because it was intended originally to be used in a different style of music, stave notation often fails to capture the expressive elements of the groove, giving only an approximation of the rhythmic outline. For example, even straight feels sometimes have a small degree of triplet feel. Jazz is an aural tradition in that sense, and most of the inflections in the rhythm and melody cannot be easily notated or described in words.


Jazz musicians use the word groove to refer to a particular rhythmic style or genre. To begin with you need only to be able to distinguish three main types of groove: swing, rock and Latin.

On the CD are some examples of basic swing, rock, and Latin grooves, played by a full rhythm section. Clap along, and feel the difference in character in each case. Listen to how the groove becomes more flexible as the players go into the solo.

1 "Bags' Groove" (Milt Jackson). Swing groove, swing feel:

2 " I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" (Billy Taylor). Rock groove, straight 8s feel:

3 " The Girl from Ipanema" (Antonio Carlos Jobirn). Latin groove (actually a bossa nova), straight 8s feel:




Each area of the world has its own rhythmic dialect, its own way of subdividing and making stresses, and jazz musicians have absorbed parts of these traditions, and invented their own terms for the rhythms they play.