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Graph 1

Graph 2

I told a Phd scientist once that this graph showed  Australia's rainfall had increased steadily and slightly since 1900. He did not believe me and went to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) site, looked at the graph, and almost immediately said "You're wrong".

This same graph with a linear trend line shows a steady increase in rainfall since 1900 in Australia. It is about 6mm per decade.

Graph 3

Annual rainfall New South Wales since 1900 shows a similar though a lesser trend up.

Graph 4

Annual Rainfall Australia since 1970, shows an increase in rainfall but a reduced rate of increase.

Compare with Graph 2.

Graph 5

Annual Rainfall Australia since 2000, shows that it has almost flatlined.

Graph 6

Annual Rainfall NSW since 1950, shows that it has declined.

Graph 7

Annual Rainfall NSW since 1970, shows that it has declined.

Graph 8

Annual Rainfall NSW since 1980, shows that there has been a slight increase.

Graph 9

Annual Rainfall NSW since 2010, shows that the trend is down since then. It took 30 years from 1980 to find a starting point that had a downward trend again. I don't find the rainfall trend to be convincing.